EmbToolkit v1.1.0

EmbToolkit v1.1.0
Added by Abdoulaye Walsimou Gaye over 8 years ago

I'm pleased to announce the EmbToolkit v1.1.0 release.

This EmbToolkit release is a revolution in the open source tools world generating
cross compilers. Indeed, EmbToolkit is the first cross compiler build system
giving aility to choose between GCC or CLANG/LLVM based toolchain.

For the moment the CLANG/LLVM based toolchain is only available for ARM, as a
porting effort is needed in order to not have to pass many compiler switches and
have a fully drop in replacement of GCC.
This porting effort has been done for ARM and is scheduled for MIPS for the next

Please note that if you choose a "CLANG/LLVM only" based toolchain, a bare metal
GCC is still built for some reasons, the most important beeing that your
prefered C library (uClibc or eglibc) will only build with GCC.
This bare metal GCC will also be useful if you want to build your linux kernel,
but it can not build userspace binaries (you will need clang for that).

Please see below changes made since the previous release, beside this CLANG/LLVM
based toolchain new feature.

  • Give ability to choose between CLANG/LLVM or GCC based toolchain.
  • linux headers: updated to latest versions available
  • uClibc: MIPS: overcome uClibc build system setting -march, -mtune and -mabi,
    while our toolchain is already correctly configured for our target.
  • uClibc: Fix SHARED_LIB_LOADER_PREFIX renamed MULTILIB_DIR in uClibc build system.
  • New MIPS64 octeon CPU support.
Host tools:
  • pkg-config requires itself and has other dependencies, has been removed in favor of pkgconf-0.8.9
  • ccache: updated to ccache-3.1.9
  • New development package: libunwind-1.1
  • New network package: libpcap-1.3.0
  • New network package: tcpdump-4.3.0
  • microperl removal: it will be added back when upstream perl will be cross compile friendly.


This version can be downloaded here embtoolkit-1.1.0