EmbToolkit v1.4.0

EmbToolkit v1.4.0 announce
Added by Abdoulaye Walsimou Gaye over 7 years ago

I'm pleased to announce EmbToolkit v1.4.0 release.

This new version brings performance improvements in the build system which highly reduce
time needed to generate a toolchain and a root filesystem.
Beside eglibc and uClibc it is now possible to use glibc as C library.
musl C library is also planned for the next release.
The root filesystem generated now uses OpenRC for init scripts and services start/stop handling.

Please see below other changes made since the previous release.

  • Toolchain
    • Linux headers: updated to latest versions availabl.
    • eglibc: update to latest versions available.
    • llvm/clang: include clang static analyzer in toolchain generated.
    • GCC: update gcc-4.8.x to gcc-4.8.2
    • GDB: updated to gdb-7.6.2
  • Host tools
    • mtd-utils: updated to v1.5.0
    • squashfs tools: fix build error on FreeBSD and improve portability.
  • Build system
    • Overall build system performance improvement.
    • Give ability to build a through clang static analyzer by setting CONFIG_EMBTK_PKGNAME_USE_SCANBUILD
      in command line or in its kconfig file.
    • Give ability remove package workspace after succesful build to save disk space.
    • Simplify package include in the build system through helper macros:
  • Root filesystem
    • OpenRC is now used for init script and services start/stop handling.
  • Packages
    • libevent: Add v2.0.21 and update v1.4.x to v1.4.14b
    • mtd-utils: updated to v1.5.0
  • Known issues and limitations:
    • MIPS64 uClibc based toolchain is still broken

This version can be downloaded here embtoolkit-1.4.0