mtd-utils patches updated

Added by Abdoulaye Walsimou Gaye about 11 years ago

mtd-utils patches have been updated, in order
to fix recent bug in JFFS2 image creation.
If you want to take advantage of these patches:
  • remove mtd-utils-1.4.0.patch in your download directory
  • remove mtd-utils-1.4.0 directories in build/packages_xxx and build/tools_xxx
  • and rebuild your root filesystem as usual (make rootfs_build).

EmbToolkit v0.1.0-rc12

Added by Abdoulaye Walsimou Gaye about 11 years ago

This is the twelfth release candidate of Embedded systems Toolkit v0.1.0.
This is a maintenance release to add new versions of packages already integrated
in embtoolkit. But this release candidate also brings new packages.
Main changes are:


  • GCC : add gcc-4.5.1
  • GCC: Add patches for gcc-4.4.4 and gcc-4.5.1
  • linux headers: updated to latest available.
  • eglibc: update svn revisions to checkout to latest.
  • gdb: add gdb-7.1

Host tools:

  • pkg-config: updated to pkg-config-0.25
  • Add of new package cmake: cmake-2.8.1
  • libtool: update to libtool-2.2.10
  • autoconf: update to autoconf-2.67
  • fakeroot: update to fakeroot-1.12.4
  • Add new package mkimage: located in host-tools-xxx/usr/bin/mkimage it is used
    by linux kernel build process to generate uImage.


  • Add of new X11 packages: libXrandr-1.3.0, libXfixes-4.0.5, libXcomposite-0.4.2
  • Add xorg-server-1.8.2.
  • It is now possible build X server or kdrive.
  • mtd-utils: update to mtd-utils-1.3.1 and its patches.
  • Add of new package imlib2-1.4.4 among graphic packages.
  • Add of new package lua-5.1 among scripting languages packages.
  • Add of new package expat-2.0.1 among misc packages.
  • Add of new package dbus-1.2.24 among system packages.
  • Add of new package util-linux-ng-2.18 (only libuuid used) among system packages
  • For changes in other packages already included in embtoolkit, please see the
    change log.

Root filesystem:

  • JFFS2 filesystem generated is considered as stable now.


A significant change has been made regarding rebuild of packages, which
reduces highly the amount of time it takes.


This version can be downloaded here


Also available in: Atom